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Gold Coast – September 9th & 10th

Co-founder – AIRE

Sarah Bell

Rita’s mum

Commentator, author, researcher, agitator, and innovator, Sarah Bell is a co-founder of the proptech startup AIRE, Artificial Intelligence for real estate. She helps real estate businesses solve the problems of cost and scale by upskilling existing resources as well as helping them transition to digital resources using AIRE’s digital employee, RITA. 

With a decade of front-line experience as a real estate practitioner and agency owner, Sarah brings tactical insights, subject matter expertise and just enough street cred to create business solutions that are intelligent by design and CX obsessed.

The humans v robot debate is an unhelpful one stemming from flawed thinking that either a computer OR a human will complete real estate ‘work’ in the future. The very best outcomes are achieved when human and machine work in partnership, harnessing the distinct power of their respective artificial and human intelligence. Patrick Hill (REALM) and Sarah Bell (AIRE) will show how the strategic application of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and automation to the real estate context.   They will help you understand the power of your data, the future of work, and what is possible when we connect humans to computers in a way that is more powerful than ever before.


Session with Patrick Hill

The Strategic Adoption of Ai and Emergent Technologies

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