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General Manager – Leah Jay

Cassandra Lantry

Cassandra is the driver of Leah Jay’s forward thinking approach to Property Management and maintaining their position as property management leaders, most recently with the team winning the REIA Residential Property Management Team of the Year.

A chance opportunity led her to join the team at Leah Jay 17 years ago, where she discovered a passion for property management. But it was strategic guidance from senior members at the company and completion of her Master’s in Business, that kept her in the business and helped her find a niche that suited her strengths. 

It’s a lesson she now applies formally as a general manager, making sure everyone has the opportunity for growth and to establish their career. Cultivating a supportive culture and leading with grace, Cassandra inspires the Leah Jay team to be adaptable, agile, innovative, and most importantly stay ahead of the curve.

Cassandra believes the industry has only scratched the surface as far as the impact of technology and disruption thus far. The ‘big bang’ is still ahead and remaining open-minded to what may come and developing effective leadership at every level is key.

Managing a business in a highly competitive industry calls for a strong business leader that has the nerve, mettle, and resolve to break new grounds. These are exactly the values that led Cassandra to where she is today.




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