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Ray White

Courtney Martin

Courtney has worked exclusively in the property industry and developed a reputation as one of the leading talent developers in the nation over 15 years.

She piqued the interest of corporate leaders when she was recognised as the best new talent in the Ray White network at the Queensland annual awards ceremony and was soon given the role to drive innovation adoption, performance management platforms and customer communication strategies across hundreds of offices. So successful was she in this capacity, that the organisation recognised her as the individual who had the greatest impact on the skill development of the network at the international annual award’s ceremony. Courtney went on to develop and build a bespoke e-marketing automation and analytics approach for an organisation of over 10,000 real estate professionals, and managed development improvements for a range of industry-leading digital real estate assets. She was also seconded twelve months to lead a new approach to performance, marketing and customer experience and executed strategies to improve customer communication, increase lead generation, and drive revenue growth for the sales and property management businesses. During that time, the office set new records for the number of sales and dollar value sold in a month and quarter.



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