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Gold Coast – September 9th & 10th

Principal & MD – Realmark

John Percudani

How agile is your business? It may the one thing that will determine your long-term relevence

Realmark, one of the most progressive and awarded firms in Australian real estate. John is an experienced business leader and an acknowledged innovator in real estate practices and marketing.

John stepped up on the Perth real estate stage when he established his company with wife and business partner Anita, in 1989. His passion for real estate was fostered early in his career as a town planner before going on to develop Realmark, now a market leader.

A big believer in fostering strong and supportive corporate cultures, John has grown the Realmark group from a typical small agency to a multi-office, multi-discipline business. He is also actively involved in the day-to-day mentoring of his talented team, offering guidance and support which has helped propel the great careers of those around him.

John is an astute and experienced commentator on the property market, with a keen interest in architecture, urban planning and design. He’s a passionate marketer and speaks with authority and conviction on the true relationships involved.

Featured in many publications, John regularly contributes property opinion pieces, marketing ideas and advice. He’s been featured in BRW, Real Estate Business, and various local and national newspapers.



Agility & Adaptability – the Key to an Enduring Business

John believes agility and adaptability are much needed in today’s world and will share how

  • Facing up to WA’s dynamically different market conditions plus an evolved consumer service expectation, how do you find a viable business model.
  • How best to revisit traditional command and control business concepts & practices and evolve to a more agile & adaptable business leadership approach.
  • Letting go of legacy to embrace a culture of co creation and re invention to improve the customer journey & business relevancy.

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